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Gig Positions

Content Curation

For the chosen brand, you will be working with the Brand's Founders to understand the content needs and curate from research papers, books and industry experts.

Ideal for the curious minds.

Content Distribution & Engagement

Distribute the produced content on the relevant paid, owned and earned media of the chosen brand.

Ideal for media managers and creative minds.

Content Analytics & Strategy

Set the content strategy, content calendar, measure and optimise the content marketing campaigns.

Ideal for the Analytic and Strategic minds.

Content Production

Learn to produce content with 20% effort for 80% output. Canva, Video Editing, Meme Creation

Sales & BD

We have added this as a new role this time as Sales is not being taught in Business Schools and this will be a good place setup the sales pipeline and close deals

GIGs are Open to Patrons only

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