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Heutagogy (pronounced hyoo-tuh-goh-jee) is a term derived from the Greek word heuriskein. According to Graham R. Parslow, "Heureskein is the Greek verb to discover and underlies the etymology of the word heuristic that is defined as a method of teaching by allowing students to discover for themselves. Deriving from the same Greek root, the term heutagogy was coined in 2000 by Hase and Kenyon to describe self learning independent of formal teaching.

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Moses Sam Paul


Head of Growth - StrangerSapiens, QuantumComputingIndia, StopBeingBoring, TheThirdPillar|

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Giridhar Gopal


Founder - Tech42 Ventures |
Strategy and Alliances, Co-Founder - FlyByTech |


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Shailesh Singh

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Learning Circle Curator - Marketing

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