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What do I get out of this Community ?

Glad, you asked!


We are building a Safe-Enough phygital space for one to learn and grow without inhibitions

Live Zoom Sessions

Weekly live sessions with practitioners and researchers around a monthly theme

Offline Workshops

Meet fellow community members in person (with physical distancing of course) and learn through interactive workshops

Mentorship & Career Guidance

Leverage our community's network and sign up for one-one mentorship / career guidance


Learn through online and offline means at your own pace or at an accelerated pace based on your skill levels and priorities

Learning Circles

Create your own learning path or replicate a template where high value contents are researched, curated, learnt, debated and applied along with your peers!

Monthly Community Huddles

Podcast with practitioners who've launched and grown brands sustainably or researchers who are working on the cutting edge of sales, marketing & strategy function of the academia


MaG-a-Scene - our quarterly newsletter with research and experiential knowledge with fun Growth Hackathons


What's learning without getting our hands dirty right? We provide enough apprenticeships and gigs to community members to learn and earn


Rookies are paired with skilled professionals to shadow and learn from them


Your Skills deserve credit. Skilled Growth Professionals with proven track record are given paid gigs to earn from

Growth Campaigns

Be part of larger projects from varied industries to explore and grow unlike anywhere else

Awesome, should I sell my Kidney for this?


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  • Everything in the Member Tier
  • Monthly Growth Hackathons
  • In-house brand Gigs
  • Hacks & Tool Sharing Circles
  • Weekly Walk ins
  • Become a Peer Facilitator