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Growth Engine Course | 4 months | Learn while working on Live Projects

The Problem

5500 Business Schools in India BUT only 20 B-schools have starting salary > fee paid

400,000 MBAs graduate ever year BUT only 19% are qualified to take up jobs

Lack of Continuous Learning Opportunities after Graduation


Mismatch between aspirations of students and their level of preparation

Negligible hands-on training

What does the Course contain ?

Who's gonna be Teaching?

NO ONE. Cos we'll just be Facilitating

Moses Sam Paul

Chief Facilitator

Head of Growth - QuantumComputingIndia, StopBeingBoring, Third Pillar|

Author - Growth Engine Handbook |

Bharat Inclusion Research Fellow 2020 |

Giridhar Gopal


Founder - Tech42 Ventures |
Strategy and Alliances, Co-Founder - FlyByTech |
Partner - MadAboutGrowth


Visiting Facilitator

Marketing Manager at Reliance Nippon Life Insurance

Bala Kumaran

Visiting Facilitator



Visiting Facilitator

Co-Founder -

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